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LH - Mountain Moose Circle

LH - Mountain Moose Circle

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Vinyl Decal will be 36" in diameter. The color of the decal will be selected by the customer. The design will be created and provided as three separate decals. They will need to be lined up, horizontally, and applied individually in order to achieve a complete design.
Promotional offers, discounts and coupon codes do not apply to custom requests unless agreed upon prior to engaging in the custom request.


This decal is made from Oracal 651 outdoor, waterproof vinyl, rated at:

6+ years (black/white/colors)
4+ years (metallic)
3+ years (brilliant blue)

Each decal will come with AT75 transfer tape already applied. Each order will also come with application instructions and an application/squeegee card. A small practice decal will be included in each order to practice the application process.

Application and Care Instructions

This decal can be placed on almost any surface. Smooth, hard surfaces are recommended.

Surfaces to which the decal will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, grease or any contamination which could affect the adhesion of the decal. Freshly lacquered or painted surfaces should be completely cured.

This decal is NOT for use with cloth or clothing as this is not a heat transfer vinyl decal. If the decal is applied to a cup or tumbler, we recommend handwashing only, avoid scrubbing the decal directly.

Minimum Application Temperature: 46°F

Shipping & Returns

Please allow all orders 1-3 business days to be processed prior to being shipped.

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service, domestic and international.

Shipping options include USPS First Class Package, First Class International Package, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail International.

We accept returns within 30 days of the delivery of the order. Returnable items must be unused and in the same condition in which they were delivered in.

Usage Rights

This design is the property of Strange Motion 4x4 LLC and cannot be redistributed for profit without the consent of Strange Motion 4x4 LLC or the purchase of Commercial Use rights (terms apply, please see our Commercial Use Terms of Use. COMMERCIAL USE TERMS OF USE Commercial Licensing Info).

We are the sole provider of commercial rights to our designs. If our design is purchased from another vendor, commercial use of said design is and has not been authorized.

United States Copyright Registration Number/s: VAu 1-383-798, VAu 1-429-768, Pending

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