Applying Your Wooden Sticker

Great! You've got your new sticker and now you are ready to apply it. Follow the steps below to make the process as easy as possible and to ensure that your wooden sticker will last as long as possible:

Step 1 - Clean the surface which the sticker will be affixed to.
It is best to use rubbing alcohol for this, as the rubbing alcohol will help to break down existing residue without leaving any residue of its own.

Step 2 - Remove the backing of the wooden sticker.
On the reverse side of the wooden sticker, a thin sheet of 3M™ adhesive is present. Peel off the backing to expose the sticky adhesive.

Step 3 - Line up and place your sticker.
Gently set your wooden sticker onto your application surface. Before you apply pressure, be sure the placement is perfect. The wooden sticker can be removed and replaced only a couple of times before the adhesive becomes too tacky. Do not attempt to remove the wooden sticker if it has been firmly pressed onto the application surface or if it has already been on the application surface for an extended period of time.

Step 4 - Firmly apply pressure to the entire surface of the sticker.
Now that your sticker is exactly where you want it, firmly apply pressure across the entire sticker. Using your fingers provides enough pressure, there is no need to break out the big guns.

Step 5 - Step back and admire your hard work.
That's it, you're done! Remember, these wooden stickers are sealed and waterproofed, so they'll last for quite some time. When you're ready to remove your sticker, it can be gently pulled off by hand while applying a solvent to remove the adhesive (our favorite to use is Goo Gone™). Once removed, the sticker cannot be reused.

Tips and Other Information:

- The adhesive sticks best to surfaces with temperatures above 50°F. The warmer the surface, the better the adhesion of the wooden sticker.

- The sticker can bend with the grain of the wood, but remember, it's wood! Too much bending and it will break. Surfaces like flower pots or tumblers are a great example of how much the stickers can bend while still working perfectly.

- Our wooden stickers are dishwasher safe!