Venturing Into the Woods - In Pursuit of Wooden Stickers

Venturing Into the Woods - In Pursuit of Wooden Stickers

Ready for something new? Wooden stickers are a new type of sticker that are made from real wood and have an adhesive backing. They are a great way to add a natural look to your own goods, products, or projects. Wooden stickers can also be placed on curved or cylindrical objects, like tumblers and water bottles, as the wood sticker is flexible along the grain of the wood.
For example, here's a photo of one of my personal favorite designs placed on my own tumbler:

We've decided to pursue wooden stickers for a few reasons; Not only do they provide a very natural and rugged look, they are also exponentially more sustainable and ecofriendly in comparison to vinyl decals. They will even outlast them, too! Showcasing our logo and our brand now also portrays our love for the outdoors and the environment, all in a single sticker.

Close up of Strange Motion Co Logo created as a wooden sticker

We know that we are not the only company or brand to share these values, so we have also began creating wooden stickers for others by utilizing their existing logos. We even offer a free sample for any and every logo, company, or brand before any order!

Custom wooden stickers of business, company, and brand logos laid out

To create wooden stickers, we start with a plain sheet of wood veneer backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive. We utilize our machine to then engrave and/or score the design and then cut it out once complete. We also create our designs across the grain of the wood. This allows them to bend horizontally on rounded surfaces. From here, we utilize a matte enamel to weatherproof and seal each sticker. These beefy nuggets are created to endure the elements! Once they are dry, we are left with some durable wooden goods that are waterproof, UV resistant, weatherproof, dishwasher safe, ecofriendly, sustainable and biodegradable. That is hard to beat!

If you're brand or company is ready for your free sample, simply complete our request form or email us at We'll utilize your existing logo, or one that you would like us to design, to create a sample wooden sticker and send it your way, all free of charge.

Once you receive your wooden stickers, instructions will be included. However, for those visual learners like us, we have created a short video as well:


Apart from creating wooden stickers of companies' and brands' logos, we also offer wooden stickers of our own designs. We are constantly adding to this collection and allowing our designs to be expressed in new ways! These can all be found here.

Wooden Stickers in many designs, including logos, mountains, bees and arrowheads, created and laid out.
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