4x4 to Strange Motion Co

Strange Motion 4x4 to Strange Motion Co

We definitely found ourselves pretty well established in our niche as Strange Motion 4x4. This is the name we used to create our Etsy shop, begin Shopify, Pinterest, and gain a following on Facebook and Instagram. However, we felt a bit limited by our name and decided to make some changes. What better time to rebrand than when building your own site? Thus, Strange Motion Co was born.
On April 20th we started a new Facebook page and created a new Instagram page. We rebranded our Etsy shops, Pinterest, and applied the changes to this site as well. May 10th was the day we fell into the TikTok hole, so we'll see where that lands us! Growth is harder than we remember and a lot has changed since we last focused on growing a community. We feel confident that rebranding and starting anew in social media was an outstanding move, though. Strange Motion 4x4 will still live on and help Strange Motion Co thrive!

This is what our new community looks like, compared to that of Strange Motion 4x4:


12 May 2022 Strange Motion Co  Strange Motion 4x4
Facebook 64 1,889
Instagram 71 17,404
TikTok 4 -

Though not as many followers, we have nearly 37% of the organic reach. We're going to attribute this to the broader range of topics and content types we can share with Strange Motion Co and to the idea that Strange Motion 4x4's following was mostly inactive or "fake" accounts. This fresh start is already beginning to feel like a good idea!

Let's take a more in depth look at how our Instagram page's stack up against one another via Organic Reach over last 30 days (since just prior to the creation of Strange Motion Co):


Strange Motion Co
Instagram Reach of Strange Motion Co

Strange Motion 4x4
Instagram Reach of Strange Motion 4x4
Clearly a following helps, however the reach we are able to obtain with Strange Motion Co that extends past our followers is key. We are reaching 2143% more new accounts than we are followers! Strange Motion 4x4 isn't even reaching as many accounts as it has followers. If we applied this reach to Strange Motion 4x4, we would have a reach of 372,968 individual accounts organically, without ads. A huge opportunity to grow our community and meet and partner with even more amazing individuals, and free advertising. Now wouldn't that be something?

Keeping an eye on your numbers is key, Katelyn showed me that. It allows one to see if they are utilizing their time in a productive way and helps to keep one motivated to continue to grow. Diving into Instagram insights has shown us that beginning again has indeed been worth it and will, if things continue in a similar trend, pay off dramatically.

Facebook: @strangemotion.co
Instagram: @strangemotion.co
TikTok: @strangemotionco
Pintrest: @strangemotionco
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