Our History

Our History

Strange Motion Co started out as an Instagram page in hopes of finding like-minded people to group together and four-wheel with in El Paso, Texas. We began under the name Strange Motion 4x4. This was in 2016. Katelyn and I had no intention of expanding and, truthfully, saw no future for Strange Motion 4x4 beyond hitting the trails with some friends on the weekends. 

Once we made our move from Texas to Colorado, though, some doors started to open for us. As a decently sized off-road page on Instagram, we had made some connections with other groups and individuals throughout the country. We started to get asked what we do and what we are all about, and that definitely got us rethinking Strange Motion. 

Our first “move” happened because of Hurricane Harvey. During this time, we saw so many people who could use a hand. We also, of course, saw an amazing amount of people going above and beyond to lend a hand. What caught our eye was the vast number of people using their Jeeps to rescue trapped people, clear roads, and deliver supplies. Feeling inspired, we created a line of “Hurricane Harvey Rescue Vehicle” decals that we would sell and give away, with all proceeds to be donated. We maybe got 30-40 decals out and we’re able to donate a little over $100 from the sale of the decals. Small numbers, but we were proud to help! This also opened the doorway to what we do today. 

After realizing that people actually enjoyed our work and would be willing to purchase them for a good cause, we thought we would give selling some other decals a shot! We drew up a few designs, opened up an Etsy shop, and hoped for the best. This was in 2017. To date we now have two Etsy shops and operate here as well. We have a grand total of over 52,000 orders fulfilled and provide not only vinyl decals, but digital goods and services now as well!

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